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How to nurture a photographic memory?

On 20160814, Little Prince told us that he would like to participate in a story telling competition. Since then, we have practiced everyday [1] using his favorite story The panda’s world by Caroline Arnold. I realized that he sometimes forgot the next line [2], and I made him a 3×3 visual memory aid (visual summary), […]

How to read for children?

In Summer 2016, at (nomadic) home, Little Prince and I have enjoyed many moments of reading together and recollecting our experience through visual memory (litonline photo albums, pictorial story books, etc), I am tremendously grateful to The Universe for loving us so much. May Little Prince, Little Princess and more children of others, especially whom […]

What is your gratitude list for Summer 2016?

While “Schopenhauerian claim that our lives lack meaning because we are invariably dissatisfied; either we have not yet obtained what we seek, or we have obtained it and are bored,” I choose to embrace gratitude + creativity + productivity as ways of living. “What is good for us on a personal level, what’s going to […]

How to transfer files from an android device to our computer?

Sometimes, I reflect that not all technological devices are useful for us. On 20160506, I realized that the files in Samsung Tablet SM-P905 cannot be read by both my Windows and Linux laptop. My main reason for having the tablet is for digitally writing on the SNote to make notes and annotating my PDF reading […]

How to determine one’s BMTI personality type?

Since we love and cherish our people (self, family, friends, colleagues, clients, mentors, mentees, tribe), we strive to understand them, and adapt our communication to suit their personality. We want to be polite to them, simply because we treasure everyone who crosses our life path. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (BMTI) describes four pairs of opposite […]

How to improve and increase research impact?

Highly impactful research does not only mean that the scholarly work is highly regarded by fellow scholars, but also that the work make a difference in a much wider context. When I was an aspiring university applicant, I admire top universities because they are associated with fame (we all have ego, a degree of top […]

How to write exam papers?

As a lifelong learner and a perpetual student, writing exam papers can help transforming one into a better exam taker. This is the same principle as one learns best when one has to teach what s/he has learned. Here are guidelines to write exam papers: Be clear and explicit. Style matters. Always try to word […]