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How to work with Linux?

On 20181230, I passed my beloved Asus Zen laptop to one of the kindest colleagues whom I met in the Middle East and I returned working solely with my Ubuntu installed on the last laptop that our late father bought for me; it’s a humble and bulky acer Aspire V3-772G. Bye Windows! Below are my […]

How to prepare for an exit interview?

An exit interview is a request for help in understanding why you’re leaving before too many others follow in your footsteps. We must consider what the true motives of the employer and the risks involved with participating. Do not overshare candid opinions on a variety of subjects and in so doing burned at least one […]

What must we do and not do during our notice period?

Every beginning has an end. On the first day I started my graduate school, I have started planning how to graduate. I heard stories of people who did not manage to finish their thesis and pass their viva, so I make plans to publish at least n research articles, so that not only my thesis […]

How to resign in style and make a graceful exit?

To give more face time to my beloved women of 4 generations, including myself [1], I decided to follow my mother advice to quit my job and to pause (perhaps exit) my career by the end of 2018. On 20180921 (my day off) at 8 pm, I made a skype call to California to consult […]

What are questions to ask friends or colleagues who quit?

People who come to the world, our school(s), workplaces and cities will eventually leave, including ourselves. On 20180831, Little Prince and I would meet with a nice Belgian gentleman who is moving back to UK in early Nov 2018. He learned it as a surprise too as he intended to stay for another 1-2 years. […]

How to collaborate?

We must collaborate. How to collaborate? always scout for opportunities [1] *** [1] Tseen Khoo shared that “One of the most successful coffee chats I’ve ever had resulted in a book contract with a good university publisher (for my re-jigged PhD), the possibility of being co-editor for a book series, and the cementing of a […]

Why children sweat more while sleeping?

In the early AM hours of 20180307, I wiped the sweat on Little Prince’s head, neck, shoulder and back. I also put a handkerchief as a barrier for his wet shirt and moved his position away from the wet pillow to another pillow. According to Jennifer Shu, a pediatrician, “it’s very common for children to […]