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How to raise frugal children?

On 20161123, while I washed Little Princess’ 1st clothes that I bought for her and were chosen by her maternal granny, I thought of an idea to allow Little Prince to learn how to wash his own clothes with hotel shampoo, so that he will grow up as an independent and frugal boy and man. […]

What would you choose if you can only have either wealth or wisdom?

After an unproductive morning trying to identify an obstetrician whom I can have confidence in for safe delivery – a VBAC if possible [1], I learned about the lifestyle and perspectives of the second generation of the top 1% [2] wealthy from China via Al Jazeera, while enjoying my lunch [3] of black chicken soup […]

What can we learn from The Godfather by Mario Puzo?

I have always wanted to read and watch The Godfather, but like many classics in my ever-growing reading list, I still need to work harder and smarter to absorb and digest lessons from them. The Godfather has been the favorite movie of the best friend of my Panama-born Godfather-alike. Yes, his daughter and I have […]

What can we learn from The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince)?

The Little Prince has been one of my favorite books since I knew how to discover the wonders of the world from a bookstore in my childhood city. There were no public libraries and our parents could not afford to purchase story books for us. Thankfully, we could still read in bookstores, while being very […]

How to sleep better?

The quality and the quantity of our sleep are highly important. During our sleep, our body do repair and recharge jobs. Sleep deficiency is linked to stress and insulin resistance. We can also use our subconscious mind during sleep for everything that is promoting life: happiness, health, wealth, relationship, success, and the list goes one. […]

How to wisely view and use money as resources?

We came to this world bringing nothing (including money) but only ourselves. Similarly, we will leave this world bringing no money. However, during the journey, we require money as resources to exchange for almost everything. Our parents spent some money to deliver us, from the moment we were conceived until we were delivered. Some people, […]

What are your life values?

Value refers to principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life. Examples of value include truth, kindness, goodness, love, compassion, respect, beauty, unity, integrity, honesty, justice, service, study, responsibility, discipline, fidelity, loyalty, commitment, relationship, family, health, enjoyment, fun, pleasure, adventure, independence, power, achievement / accomplishment / success, meritocracy, prestige / […]