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What is your checklist for flying?

I flew a lot in years 2009, 2010 (one of my flights made an emergency landing and I unexpectedly had the chance to visit the first Starbucks outlet), 2015, and 2017. If one has the luxury of choices, one could check the resources below: http://www.airlinequality.com which contains critical reviews. As of 20180413, Japan Airlines, Korean […]

How to sleep anywhere and anytime when we need to sleep?

On 20161210, I would have only less than three hours of sleep in 24 hrs. This challenge has prompted me to seriously learn how to sleep anywhere and anytime when we need to sleep. Before that, I have faced many sleeping challenges. In Summer 2007, my sister and I slept at the Bangkok airport while […]

How to sleep better?

The quality and the quantity of our sleep are highly important. During our sleep, our body do repair and recharge jobs. Sleep deficiency is linked to stress and insulin resistance. We can also use our subconscious mind during sleep for everything that is promoting life: happiness, health, wealth, relationship, success, and the list goes one. […]

What are the required traits and skills of successful tech entrepreneurs?

Have you ever dreamed to be an entrepreneur? While my father used to discourage me from doing so, perhaps he thought that life of entrepreneurs are unstable, a summer in Switzerland had convinced me that I must give entrepreneurship a trial, if not multiple trials. After all, I was an entrepreneurial student who gave tuition […]