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How to stay safe from pickpockets?

Some years ago, a friend [1] experienced a pickpocket while in Barcelona – a notorious pickpocket capital of the world, according to the Mail Online. To prepare for our trip to Barcelona in Spring 2017, I do my best that we will leave with positive impressions of Barcelona, particularly the magical La Sagrada Familia. Don’t […]

How to protect credit cards from smart thieves who do not physically touch or steal the cards?

On 20161126, the paternal grandfather of Little Prince and Little Princess sent us a video of how a cyber-security expert pretended asking for an innocent question (e.g. is there a Macy in this mall) while waving his tablet pouch (but there were RFID card readers inside the pouch!) Thankfully, he was not a digital pickpocket. […]

How to stay safe?

As a big sister and a mother, I am honestly worried for the safety of our dependents. However, we can learn from negative things and events that had happened, to prevent ourselves from falling into such a situation. For Little Prince and Little Princess, I have compiled #pandaLesson to stay safe. It’s not an exhaustive […]

What are our dream home?

Nomadic is an adjective to describe my family and me. *** While I was an undergraduate student, I moved room yearly, desiring the more expensive single room because of a traumatic experience with my first year room mate who often disturbed my night sleep during exam period. Between 2007 and 2009, I moved many times, […]

What is your survival checklist?

Before we can create and produce meaningful things, we must survive and live. Pray with perseverance. Love yourself unconditionally. Do not 100% trust a single source. Always double and triple check. For example, for the Future Expatriate Leader Competition 2015, participants for the competition must address the following question: Tomorrow’s Global Market Leaders: What is […]

How to shop for cheap air tickets?

Air tickets have been one of our most expensive expenses as we are nomadic family with members scattered across multiple continents, oceans, countries, cities, and time zones. Some useful tips on how to buy cheap air tickets: Search for flights Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon or evening or in the morning. In an average week, Tuesdays, […]

How to stay safe when we travel or live overseas?

Unlike cats with nine lives, we only live once. It is our ultimate responsibility to stay safe for ourselves and people who love and depend on us [1]. How to stay safe when we travel or live overseas? Pray. There is magic in praying. Research (read, listen, ask, observe) on the safety of the new […]