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Why must we not blindly believe in experts?

On 20161102, our family members saw the highest number of doctors for outpatient consultations. For my first appointment, I was disappointed that I spent less than 5 minutes sharing my problem with the specialist (he is polite, curious and works in a big clinic), but he did not even perform manual examination, and we had […]

What have I learned from breastfeeding Little Princess?

In autumn 2016, I breastfed Little Princess who could latch and suckle well. She has shown a love for drinking breast milk and I am grateful for this. Throughout this journey, I reflect on lessons grasped and learned from breastfeeding Little Princess. *** No pain no gain. On 20160923, in an attempt to ensure my […]

How to improve and increase research impact?

Highly impactful research does not only mean that the scholarly work is highly regarded by fellow scholars, but also that the work make a difference in a much wider context. When I was an aspiring university applicant, I admire top universities because they are associated with fame (we all have ego, a degree of top […]

Why must we and how to do research?

Sometimes, common sense is not always the best approach. There also multiple (sometimes conflicting) theories / perspectives about what works for a particular problem or challenge. That’s why we must do research. The general aims of research are to observe, describe, explain, determine the cause, predict and share. Based on these aims, research hence encapsulates […]

How to shop for cheap air tickets?

Air tickets have been one of our most expensive expenses as we are nomadic family with members scattered across multiple continents, oceans, countries, cities, and time zones. Some useful tips on how to buy cheap air tickets: Search for flights Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon or evening or in the morning. In an average week, Tuesdays, […]

Why must we support women in STEM?

In the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), there have been increasingly female students at undergraduate and graduate levels. However, beyond those levels, women leaders are still rare. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2009 for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome, also acknowledges “a very rigid career structure […]

What is your checklist for deciding on a hostel?

What does hostel mean to you? For me who have lived far away from my parents since my teen age in a strict hostel (Dad jokingly told Mum that my school hostel is reminiscent of a jail with a Godzilla-like unmarried matron), it means discipline and high alertness. If we were late to leave our […]