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How to persevere?

On 20161209, after the first skype with Little Princess, I thought of the following: You don’t know how persevered you can be until you have no other choices but being persevered. One of Little Prince’s favorite story in Summer 2016 was XiaoWanDou, the little bean that persevered in a foreign land, continued to live regardless […]

How to be diplomatic?

To live harmoniously with other people (including our parents or lover), we need to be tactful and diplomatic. To be diplomatic, Do not criticize, do not complain, do not argue! Practice turning complaints into gratitude [4]. Steps in communication matter [1]. Refer to the checklist for writing effective and diplomatic emails. Put ourselves in other […]

How to minimize clutters and declutter without pain?

Every beginning has its end, just like our lives. After renting an unfurnished flat at a neighbourhood with a desert garden that Honey Panda loves, for almost 20 months, it’s time for us to move out. In comparison to the frequency that I moved dwellings while a student, 20 months is considered long. Consequently, I […]

How to be more productive?

On 20151010, It took me almost 4 pomodoro tomatoes to pack for things to bring to Japan. I still have some things that I want to bring, but I cannot pack yet as I am still using them. On 20151011, I felt very tired after feeling panicky because of a schedule that is beyond my […]

How to ruthlessly prioritize to get more things that matter done?

When we are working for others, we have to go through yearly appraisal. For my current work as of today (20151003), I have three major projects (each has many sub-projects): project T, project R, project S. The weighting of projects T and R are the highest and the same. In August and September 2015, project […]

What are your life values?

Value refers to principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life. Examples of value include truth, kindness, goodness, love, compassion, respect, beauty, unity, integrity, honesty, justice, service, study, responsibility, discipline, fidelity, loyalty, commitment, relationship, family, health, enjoyment, fun, pleasure, adventure, independence, power, achievement / accomplishment / success, meritocracy, prestige / […]

How to define our life values?

I realize that not everyone is suitable for such a philosophical question, fortunately I found potential answers in the wise and the eminent dead whose lives I deem to be meaningful. Inquire about the greatest joys and regrets of those whom we admire. Sometimes, we cannot ask them directly for the sake of being diplomatic […]