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How to raise frugal children?

On 20161123, while I washed Little Princess’ 1st clothes that I bought for her and were chosen by her maternal granny, I thought of an idea to allow Little Prince to learn how to wash his own clothes with hotel shampoo, so that he will grow up as an independent and frugal boy and man. […]

Why must we understand credit?

According to Ray Dalio, whose lecture was recommended by Honey Panda, the three economy forces include productivity growth, short term debt cycle (5-8 years), long term debt cycle (50-75 years). In a nutshell: total spending = $ + credit price = total spending / total quantity [1] Central government: collects taxes + spend $ Central […]

How to wisely view and use money as resources?

We came to this world bringing nothing (including money) but only ourselves. Similarly, we will leave this world bringing no money. However, during the journey, we require money as resources to exchange for almost everything. Our parents spent some money to deliver us, from the moment we were conceived until we were delivered. Some people, […]

What can we learn about subconscious mind from Joseph Murphy?

Today (20150916) I felt very sleepy because I slept pretty late at 1 am last night. I could not fall asleep immediately, but I tried to soothe myself. I believe that with the power of subconscious mind, I can adjust my sleeping pattern to sleep earlier. Habit matters. Our habits and habitual thinkings affect our […]

Where are best places to invest in property?

Spain ~ 1 of my dream destinations. French Riviera ~ I visited there once to celebrate a birthday and met wonderful people including an artist, a friendly property investor (we both admire Frida Kahlo and Ruan Lingyu), a landlord and her children who helps in her guest houses. Tuscany in Italy Algarve in Portugal Manhattan […]

Why innocence is important for a happy life?

I woke up at 8.30am with a blocked nose. Last night, I slept late at ~ 1am. Usually, I would go for a happy swim in the mornings of weekend. Hopefully, I can swim in the evening. Blue water makes me feel tranquil. Tonight, I must sleep ~ 11 pm for the sake of my […]

What can we learn from Andrew Carnegie?

I still remember when my parents and I, riding on a van in Scotland, our kind and cheerful driver pointed to us a home of Andrew Carnegie. Wow! Leaders are readers. Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Carnegie believe in leaders are readers. In the age of overwhelming information, we must read wisely. Not every information is […]