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How to stop smelly feet?

On 20190817 after returning from his first collaborative selling efforts with his sister, the father of Little Prince complained on the stinky feet of Little Prince. Honestly, both Little Prince and Little Princess suffers from stinky feet. In anticipation for our Europe 2019 trip in which we will walk a lot, I am concerned about […]

How to remove mold from clothes?

On 20190225, I disappointedly discovered the expensive Made-in-Japan that Mama gave me has molds grown on it. Below are strategies that I could do: be a minimalist I’m impressed with my brother-in-law in China. Mama told us that he keeps only a small number of clothes, only after some of them are spoilt, he would […]

What can we learn from the movie Go away Mr. Tumor?

On 20180818, I watched this movie when I have been unwell due to dizziness and low blood pressure since 20180813 [1]. After I went to see a doctor and we had a rare 4-people family lunch, bought some groceries and had showers, I was feeling sleepy and about to nap (as both Little Prince and […]

How to fight and avoid mosquitoes?

After living away from the tropical regions, Little Prince and I got another unpleasant surprise of being bitten by mosquitoes when we made unexpected trips to South East Asia for bidding farewell to my Papa in summer 2018. Since we were bitten by mosquitoes on day time, we were worried asĀ Aedes aegypti, that transmits several […]

How to overcome parasites that cause low appetite in children?

During 20180420 play date where we could view as far as NYUAD, the parents of Little Prince suggested that his low appetite may be due to parasites (e.g. worms). As of 20180421, Little Prince showed some (but not all) symptoms of having worms. itchiness around anus grinding teeth during sleep soft stools (perhaps due to […]

What are your plans after stopping lactation?

On 20180323, Honey Panda informed me that Little Prince prefers mother’s milk (even it’s thawed from the frozen ones and does not taste as good as the freshly pumped breastmilk) over milk powder of Aptamil 3. She drinks less milk than before, but thankfully she loves to eat diverse food though. Honey Panda mentioned that […]

Why children sweat more while sleeping?

In the early AM hours of 20180307, I wiped the sweat on Little Prince’s head, neck, shoulder and back. I also put a handkerchief as a barrier for his wet shirt and moved his position away from the wet pillow to another pillow. According to Jennifer Shu, a pediatrician, “it’s very common for children to […]

How to stop lactating naturally?

On 20180123, I asked Dr T (an obstetrician/gynecologist) how to stop the production of mother’s milk naturally, without medication. It was my first (and perhaps last) consultation with her and she sounded unhappy that I was still producing mother’s milk for her thinking that I breastfed, but when I later explained that I pumped, she […]

How to prepare our children for their first tooth extraction?

On 20170914, we thought that we could have Little Prince’s infected teeth being extracted. However, the pediatric dentist working in the university had to perform a surgery, hence she would not come to the clinic. He could not eat and sleep well since last week and everyday seemed to be worse even though I had […]

What are our plans for autumn 2017?

I am thankful for the past seasons and hope for the best in the coming seasons. Here are our plans for autumn 2017: [daily] pray + sleep + eat + smile + exercise + learn [daily] brush the teeth of Little Prince + Little Princess [weekly] trim the fingernails of Little Prince + Little Princess […]