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Why I dislike red and orange colours in Spring 2019?

I used to like every color on earth. I also loved autumn colors with the glorious maple leaves of red maroon, especially the petite Japanese maple leaves [3] that remind me on baby’s hands. Once, I posted a LinkedIn profile photo wearing a red blazer that later Mama wore for her flight on 20190320. Since […]

What can we learn about animal motions from David Hu of Gatech?

I wanted so much to attend the talk titled “How to Walk on Water and Climb Up Walls” by David Hu at the NYUAD, A6, Conference Center from 6:30 to 8:00 PM on 2081111, but we had been very tired and we would be busy today (20181112) and tomorrow. Perhaps, it’s a blessing in disguise […]

How to prevent cancer?

Statistically, one out of every two of us will get cancer or heart disease and die from it. However, I hope that it would only happen after we live a long fulfilling life [0]. Papa passed away due to metastatic lung adenocarcinoma in spite of exercising regularly and never smoking in his life. While there […]

How to walk away from someone or something that is not right for us?

Sometimes, we encounter someone or something that is not right for us. For the sake of our sanity and serenity, we must walk away or minimize exposure to them. To walk away: nurture inner strength to keep calm. practice self-love breathe be firm on our decisions learn to accept some things are not going to […]

How to dance?

On 20180314, Little Prince would have an audition for a talent show (a varsity show). He wanted to dance with the song Little Apple, which has been very popular in China. Previously, he had missed an audition on 20180124 for the 2018 International Day (20180201) due to being unwell, so we are determined to put […]

How to swim?

Swimming is an essential life skill. To swim: preview by watching swimming lessons online (youtube) Test multiple pools if it is right for us [1]. warm up outside the pool (10 to 20 minutes) before swimming:make stretches. accept that at some point everyone inhales water through the nose, we must not get put off by […]

What are our plans for autumn 2017?

I am thankful for the past seasons and hope for the best in the coming seasons. Here are our plans for autumn 2017: [daily] pray + sleep + eat + smile + exercise + learn [daily] brush the teeth of Little Prince + Little Princess [weekly] trim the fingernails of Little Prince + Little Princess […]

What are the future of our education?

We live in a world of change, not rapid but accelerating change. As a mother of little children, I often ponder on and attempt to predict on the future of our education, including the increasingly expensive tertiary education. In a series of attempts to financially and quantitatively rescue Paul Quinn College, textbooks have been substituted […]

What have Little Prince and Little Princess enjoyed?

As a working mother, the time that I spent with Little Prince and Little Princess is more limited than stay-at-home mothers. However, I cherish little moments. “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault *** Eat My mother told me that I […]

What are the essentials to instill in our children?

Towards the end of summer 2017, we received a flyer of a pre-school advertising its approach of engaging children in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, abbreviated as STEAM; it seemed that STEAM is the new trend, previously it was STEM. Although they missed the s for the mathematics in their flyer, I was impressed […]