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How to protect ourselves from online fraud?

While most people are trustworthy, not everyone is trustworthy. When it comes to our finances we can never be too careful, especially if we are responsible for caring three generations of people who depend on us (our parents and children). On 20180208, a friend from USA was sharing about his colleague who had to spend […]

What is your checklist for flying?

I flew a lot in years 2009, 2010 (one of my flights made an emergency landing and I unexpectedly had the chance to visit the first Starbucks outlet), 2015, and 2017. If one has the luxury of choices, one could check the resources below: http://www.airlinequality.com which contains critical reviews. As of 20180413, Japan Airlines, Korean […]

What are our dream destinations?

On 20170614, I showed Little Prince the photographs of his father taken while the latter visited Australia, Europe, and North America. Little Prince shared that he wanted very much to visit those places his father had been before. Some worth-considering dream destinations are listed below. Amsterdam as a place of living. Is it a good […]

How to wisely view and use money as resources?

We came to this world bringing nothing (including money) but only ourselves. Similarly, we will leave this world bringing no money. However, during the journey, we require money as resources to exchange for almost everything. Our parents spent some money to deliver us, from the moment we were conceived until we were delivered. Some people, […]

What can little prince learn from a visit to Godmother’s home?

Little prince is very fortunate to have an inspiring couple as his Godparents. They survived disasters and thrived in their spiritual, family life and careers. Faith. Godparents have a very strong faith. They always pray before meals to express their gratitude. Godmother shared about their self-organized trip (6 adults + 1 toddler) to Paris (flying […]

How to live a minimalist lifestyle ala happy green panda?

The capitalist and consumerism culture is increasingly popular, sadly many people choose to spend more than what they earn/inherit. “Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.” ~ Audrey Hepburn How to live a minimalist lifestyle? Focus on simplicity. Many essential, beautiful, useful, and happy things […]