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How to deal with envy?

A week before 20160724, I thought that I would attend more birthdays of Honey Panda’s friend’s son [1] than Little Prince’s birthdays, due to work restriction. Honestly, I felt sad and envious, but we can always convert negative emotions into positive forces. In contrast, Honey Panda has been around for all Little Prince’s birthdays hitherto. […]

What can we learn from Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda?

Having lived in California for an unforgettable summer, I am interested to learn from Journey to Ixtlan (1972) by Carlos Castaneda. I will also always remember the determination of my Mexican friend to visit me at San Diego, crossing the dangerous borders. He is indeed a traveller, having done the trans-Siberian rail journey, the longest […]

How to overcome insomnia?

On 20160601, I woke up at ~ 2am, perhaps due the a need to pass urine and/or the snoring Honey Panda. Then, I drank a 3/4 mug of milk (half cold milk mixed with half hot honey water) and ate a quarter of wife biscuit. Normally, I could not sleep immediately after eating due to […]

What are you grateful for in 2015?

My gratitude list in 2015: # a family especially papa mama and parents in-law who love and care for us and little prince who allows me to rediscover the wonder of our world # a loving mother who cooked for us (she spent hours to prepare kimchi), washed our clothes, cleaned our flat and gave […]

How to quickly download picasa albums?

We are approaching the end of year 2015, it’s time to reflect, count our blessings, declutter (donate/discard/recycle), back-up our stuff, and plan for the future. I decided to download our picasa albums as I realized that the picasa album URLs are not working on mobile phone/tablet (though it still works on laptop) since few days […]

What did I enjoy about Kyoto?

Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan, has mesmerized me. According to Akari, if a Japanese wants to pursue business or politics,  s/he goes to Tokyo; if a Japanese wants to pursue arts, culture or academia,  s/he goes to Kyoto. I decided not to visit Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine, because I have had a glimpse of it from […]

What are your favorite cafes?

On our 20150812 flight, I watched Little Big Master (2015). I cried. Sometimes, there are things that are more valuable than money, such as touching hearts and educating others. The movie highlights the HKD 4500/mth headmistress often emphasizes the importance of identifying our dreams and studying hard to pursue it, while her own dream is […]