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How to protect ourselves from online fraud?

While most people are trustworthy, not everyone is trustworthy. When it comes to our finances we can never be too careful, especially if we are responsible for caring three generations of people who depend on us (our parents and children). On 20180208, a friend from USA was sharing about his colleague who had to spend […]

How to wisely view and use money as resources?

We came to this world bringing nothing (including money) but only ourselves. Similarly, we will leave this world bringing no money. However, during the journey, we require money as resources to exchange for almost everything. Our parents spent some money to deliver us, from the moment we were conceived until we were delivered. Some people, […]

Where are best places to invest in property?

Spain ~ 1 of my dream destinations. French Riviera ~ I visited there once to celebrate a birthday and met wonderful people including an artist, a friendly property investor (we both admire Frida Kahlo and Ruan Lingyu), a landlord and her children who helps in her guest houses. Tuscany in Italy Algarve in Portugal Manhattan […]

How can wealth of knowledge be translated into material wealth?

Tonight, after a happy swim at the canal swimming pool, we ate our dinner listening to Jim Simons of Renaissance Technologies via TED talk. Jim started trading in his late 30s because he had a little money. He highlighted that the real thing was to gather a tremendous amount of data. Big data! What is […]

What can we learn about wealth from Wallace Wattles?

Recently, while exercising at the gym, Honey Panda listened to an audio book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. I recall that I had read the book in April 2013. It is always nice to revise as we will have different perspectives with our increasing age and experience. In a 5-word summary, The […]

What can we learn from The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason?

Unless one was born with a silver spoon, most people struggle to make ends meet. While many things in life are relative, even the relatively wealthy worry about their children [1]. I agree with Arkad that wealth, if it did not actually create happiness, certainly enhanced the quality of life. Money is not everything, but […]

How to achieve financial security?

Imagine if one has to quit his job or is retrenched (remember that no job is secured no matter how good your performance is), how is he going to obtain the resources (money) for his and his family expenditure? To achieve financial security, I must have a monthly income that covers my basic expense, let […]