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What are house chores that we appreciate others to assist us?

Mama taught me that time is one of the most important treasures that we have, hence if we can outsource some house chores (i.e. we exchange our money for someone else to help us do the house chores), that would be great. Some tasks that I appreciate others (e.g. a cleaning lady) assist us to […]

How to be competitive?

Today (20180423), is the 30th birthday of a beautiful junior who has studied economics in both Peking University (北大) and late my graduate school almamater, where she ranked first. I remember clearly how she humbly admitted that she did not even make into the top 10 in Beida. I cherished the moment when she attempted […]

How to use Facebook?

After I finished washing grapes (with a mixture of balsamic vinegar as we were running out of white vinegar) at ~12.30 am of 20180411, I suddenly missed and became curious of a friend so I checked the Facebook, then another friend and so on. In the end, I slept at 2 am plus but had […]

How to collaborate?

We must collaborate. How to collaborate? always scout for opportunities [1] *** [1] Tseen Khoo shared that “One of the most successful coffee chats I’ve ever had resulted in a book contract with a good university publisher (for my re-jigged PhD), the possibility of being co-editor for a book series, and the cementing of a […]

How to be innovative?

To innovate (创新) means to introduce new ideas, methods, products, etc. On 20180210, before Little Prince went to sleep, I shared with him an article about the M-Bot, a robot that aims to remove waste from water and protect marine habitats, designed by GEMS United Indian School grade 5 student Sainath Manikandan. Sainath’s robotic kit […]

How to say no to extra work?

According to Julie Morgenstern, the author of Never Check E-Mail in the Morning,“at most organizations, companies are trying to make do with less, so there is more work to do than there is time to do it.” Boss(es) may give us extra work because we are better than our peers (能者多劳). s/he is trying to […]

How to find time for what matters most?

On 201711128, I felt very tired and had my rare late afternoon nap. I felt refreshed after that and managed to simultaneously watch a TED talk on time management and eat my dinner, as Little Prince was still sleeping. Each of us has 168 hours/week. If we work 40 hours/week, sleep 8 hours/night, we will […]