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How to manage a maid effectively and harmoniously?

On 20190827, the favourite maid of Little Prince’s Godmother would return to stay with us again, until I do not know when (but at most until mid Sep 2019). To manage a maid (or any subordinate) effectively and harmoniously: ensure that her basic needs are met [1] assure her that you care about her and […]

What are questions to ask before renting an apartment?

Since the father of Little Prince wanted to enrol him in a primary school where he went for his secondary school and offers Primary Gifted Education Programme (GEP) (Primary 4 to 6), we may likely move to a new home. I think the most important thing is the motivation to learn as I wonder if […]

How to be the parents that teachers love?

When teachers have good impressions on us and feel that we give them convenience instead of troubles, they will treat our children better. I experienced this with the first kindergarten of Little Prince. His beautiful and blonde teacher from Canada loved him a lot. To be parents that teachers love: volunteer readily when help is […]

How to raise self-disciplined children?

In spring 2019, I found myself rarely have the time to write. I wish I could be more disciplined so my children will grow up with self-discipline. To raise self-discipline children, some strategies that I have learned: reward good behavior e.g. a reward chart because willful children do not respond well to negative consequences. let […]

How to design a better environment?

To be healthier, happier and more successful, we need to be at a better environment. That’s why parents want to send their children to reputable schools and Ivy Leagues, talented people want to work for the top companies, etc. If we were born in a harsh environment, we can either move to a better environment […]

How to get children to do homework?

When I was a child, I would always do my homework first, left it open on the pages where Mama could check it after her return from work, before I went to play. In autumn 2017, I was very happy that Little Prince loved to do homework. He sometimes asked out of his own initiative. […]

How to peacefully parent strong-willed children?

The past few weeks of 20181109 have been difficult for me as Little Prince has been getting more defiant than ever. Then, Xmas Eve 2018 and the boxing day were turbulent for us as both of us were angry and upset, in spite of spending a relatively happy Xmas on 20181225. His whining was stressing […]