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What are our favorite mobile phones?

Honestly, I couldn’t remember how many phones I had owned and used from my first humblest Nokia. Huawei Honor 5x I love its different resolution of camera (1×1, 16×9, 4×3), selfie feature. I wish it could be faster in taking pictures of Little Prince and Little Princess. To overcome this issue, I have taken videos, […]

What have I cooked with my rice cookers?

As an Asian, I love eating rice. Starting Spring 2019, I have done my best to minimize cooking using the gas at home as I often smelled the gas odor from our bedrooms. Thus, I have used only electric kettle, electric rice cooker, and Bear kettle (to boil egg and steam items on top of […]

What has Little Princess learned in 2019?

Sometimes, I am worried that Little Princess will not learn as much as her peers who attend a nursery. Herein, I have kept tracked of what she has learned. When time allows, I previewed what she would experience. To allow her to review, I often allow her to re-watch those videos she watched before. For […]

How to make new and meaningful friendships?

On 20190107, our independence-loving Little Princess refused to hold hands with her brother after we went to pick Little Prince. She has loved to wear her own sandals with stripes, without any help. At home, she was a little angry at her just-trying-to-help big brother and suddenly made a phone-calling gesture uttering “Hello, Hello Police. […]

What can we learn from our mentors in 2019?

The beginning of 2019 will be the start of my first mini retirement. While there have been so many books that I want to read and movies that I want to watch, there are also (alive or dead) people whom I would like to learn from, either personally or through their work, I must remember […]

How to prepare for a simulator flight?

On 20181228, I received a surprise phone call that Little Prince will be able to experience a flight simulator with a pilot of at least 14 yrs of experience on 20181230! “Nothing compares to spending time with an experienced airline captain in a flight simulator.” To support his dream to be a pilot, I have […]

What are our plans for 2019?

I love planning as it gives me hope for the future. Equally important, I must execute my plans, though sometimes they take longer that what I envisioned. However, without the plans, we may not have the executions at all. For all seasons: [daily] pray + sleep + eat + smile + exercise + learn + create/do [daily] brush the teeth of Little Prince + Little Princess [weekly] back-up […]