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What are alternative uses of toiletries?

On 20190225, I spent my precious afternoon decluttering the box containing toiletries that I have collected over 1-2 years ago. In my humble view, the toiletries that are provided in the hotels are not free. We actually pay for them. Their costs are included in the room rate. Thus, I collected them if they are […]

How to remove mold from plastics and silicone products?

On 20190219, I disappointedly discovered that the plastic lid of my Zebra stainless steel container had some black marks which are mold! I only placed them in the kitchen cupboard of our kitchen early last month. The lid was fine when I left it over the summer 2018. Perhaps, it’s the humid weather of Singapore […]

What can we do with expired cottons?

On 20190216, I found cotton balls and facial cottons that were used to wipe the butt of Little Princess when she was younger. As I wiped the dust on the plastic away, I asked what we could use them for: grow bean sprouts materials: mung bean, container it’s good for Little Princess to learn about […]

How to get children to do homework?

When I was a child, I would always do my homework first, left it open on the pages where Mama could check it after her return from work, before I went to play. In autumn 2017, I was very happy that Little Prince loved to do homework. He sometimes asked out of his own initiative. […]

What have I learned about myself in summer 2018?

A saying by Benjamin Franklin goes, “there are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” Following what I learned in summer 2017, some discoveries about myself in summer 2018: Plant-based meals with some portions of seafood and eggs are more suitable for me [1]. After I finish lactating, I plan […]

What art materials are safe for children?

On 20180617, Honey Panda and I were having different thoughts on which one was better for Little Princess: a crayon or a color pencil? Toddlers have to press hard to get bright color from crayons and parts of them fall off or break easily. Pencil tips may fall off and a 2 to 3 year […]

What can we learn from a pencil?

On 20180704, Little Prince played with color pencils, imagining each unique color as a unique airplane. From a pencil, we can learn: We are capable of great things, as we let God’s hand through wise people to guide us. Like when a pencil is sharpened, it suffer pains, we too must learn to endure pains […]