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How to practice road safety?

On 20191113, we received a piece of information on how to practice road safety from Land Transport Authority. I thought that it is nice to summarize the key takeaways here for Little Prince, Little Princess, and friends: remember safety 1st do not rush! be an early bird. be attentive & avoid using gadgets e.g. mobile […]

What can we learn about thinking big from Daniel Ally?

On 20191114,  while I was cooking our lunch, I listened to a Ted talk by Daniel Ally. Some lessons to be successful can be summarized as BIG TIME: B is for books. Leaders are readers. Successful people leave ‘clues’ in the books they wrote or that have been written about them. On average, people may […]

How to make the most of business lounges?

Airport lounges are usually more comfortable than terminals [0]. In 2019 Q3, I hope to bring my Mama to business lounges on 20190919, in spite of flying on economy class, thanks to my frequent flyer program and the remaining miles [1]. To optimize a visit to any business lounge: remember that miles don’t last forever […]

What is our list of groceries in 2019 Q3?

Before I quit my job, I have strived to buy more food in its most natural forms. Now, with no demands from my clients and bosses, I could spend more time on preparing food for my beloved Little Prince, Little Princess and myself. On 20190905, my Mama went to a market that she used to […]

What are questions to ask when opening a new bank account?

After having accounts with banks in several countries with different rules and regulations, I experienced surprise charges etc, hence it is a good idea to have a check list of questions to ask at least 2 bank staff [1].   Is there any charge for opening an account? If yes, how much? Is there any […]

How to optimize a Huawei P30 mobile phone?

On 20190831, I decided to buy a Huawei P30 mobile phone because I found that the learning curve is higher if I purchase a DSLR of a different brand than the one I used recently; I also cannot modify the filename immediately. the mother of the a classmate of Little Prince in 2019 shared a […]

How to manage a maid effectively and harmoniously?

On 20190827, the favourite maid of Little Prince’s Godmother would return to stay with us again, until I do not know when (but at most until mid Sep 2019). To manage a maid (or any subordinate) effectively and harmoniously: ensure that her basic needs are met [1] assure her that you care about her and […]