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What are questions to ask before renting an apartment?

Since the father of Little Prince wanted to enrol him in a primary school where he went for his secondary school and offers Primary Gifted Education Programme (GEP) (Primary 4 to 6), we may likely move to a new home. I think the most important thing is the motivation to learn as I wonder if […]

How to be the parents that teachers love?

When teachers have good impressions on us and feel that we give them convenience instead of troubles, they will treat our children better. I experienced this with the first kindergarten of Little Prince. His beautiful and blonde teacher from Canada loved him a lot. To be parents that teachers love: volunteer readily when help is […]

Why I dislike red and orange colours in Spring 2019?

I used to like every color on earth. I also loved autumn colors with the glorious maple leaves of red maroon, especially the petite Japanese maple leaves [3] that remind me on baby’s hands. Once, I posted a LinkedIn profile photo wearing a red blazer that later Mama wore for her flight on 20190320. Since […]

How to enjoy lemons?

Citruses such as lemons are rich sources of vitamin C. To enjoy lemons: honey lemon: mix honey with hot water, add room temperature water, squeeze freshly cut lemon coat apple chunks to slow them down from being oxidized lemon-infused water the bitter taste is due to the rind the bitter taste is associated with alkali […]

What are alternative uses of toiletries?

On 20190225, I spent my precious afternoon decluttering the box containing toiletries that I have collected over 1-2 years ago. In my humble view, the toiletries that are provided in the hotels are not free. We actually pay for them. Their costs are included in the room rate. Thus, I collected them if they are […]

What are our Xmas 2019 wish list of gifts?

It’s always good to dream and plan. Below is a list of gifts that I would like to have for our family: 4 new pillows for Little Princess, Little Prince, Honey Panda, and me. This is because Little Prince often suffers from allergy. There is no point to change just a pillow or do it […]

How to raise self-disciplined children?

In spring 2019, I found myself rarely have the time to write. I wish I could be more disciplined so my children will grow up with self-discipline. To raise self-discipline children, some strategies that I have learned: reward good behavior e.g. a reward chart because willful children do not respond well to negative consequences. let […]