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What can we learn from the movie Go away Mr. Tumor?

On 20180818, I watched this movie when I have been unwell due to dizziness and low blood pressure since 20180813 [1]. After I went to see a doctor and we had a rare 4-people family lunch, bought some groceries and had showers, I was feeling sleepy and about to nap (as both Little Prince and […]

How to fight and avoid mosquitoes?

After living away from the tropical regions, Little Prince and I got another unpleasant surprise of being bitten by mosquitoes when we made unexpected trips to South East Asia for bidding farewell to my Papa in summer 2018. Since we were bitten by mosquitoes on day time, we were worried as Aedes aegypti, that transmits several […]

How to be and identify a good friend?

In summer 2018, during the wake of Papa, Mama shared with his friends that Papa was heartbroken that a friend of decades betrayed Papa. To quote Publilius Syrus, “prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.” In my childhood, I encountered few nasty experience as as result of interacting with children of my age. Since then, I […]

How to improve our digestion?

On 20180701, we went to a 100-day celebration of a baby boy of a Honey Panda’s friend, H. Then, we went to IKEA, where there were so many people. After some time, I felt dizzy and stomachache like someone who is about to have diarrhea. At home, I passed motion of mucus that smelled like […]

What can we learn from Joyce Meyer?

On 20180629, at room 1 of Home@S2011, I found a book that I often read during my PhD student days. The title is New Day, New You written by Joyce Meyer. I bought it a pence short of GBP 10. Unfortunately, it has turned yellowish and moldy! Therefore, I am going to donate it away for […]

What are our shopping checklist?

Our groceries checklist (20170908) in the city where I worked: apple banana grape orange strawberry or blueberry or plum lettuce or salad leaves spinach broccoli sugar snaps carrot potato ginger garlic bread almond butter wholemeal pasta milk fresh milk milk packets for school milk powder: Aptamil 3 and Aptamil 4 yogurt small cup sizes for […]

What have we learned from living with others?

Since I was 14 years old, I have lived away from my family due to a riot that changed our lives forever. In order to survive and pursue a better future, my parents sent me overseas to study two new languages (and new ways of thinkings). In the process, I became more independent and ambitious. […]