Who is the happy green panda here?
What are your dream destinations?
Where have you been to?

If our life is like a movie, it should have a script that the director can refer to for creating a beautiful, colourful and meaningful artwork of moving visuals across time and space, that touches not only one’s life but also others’. Write our own script (story)! The script contains essential core values and flexible adaptation. I greatly value gratitude, creativity, productivity, kindness and frugality.

Almost everyone wants happiness, so am I. Thus, I prefer happy-ending stories/movie/films.  I strive to live happily everyday and everyone of us can decide to be happy, regardless of our ever-changing emotions and circumstances. How to be happy? If I am given only two words to answer this question, they would be love and gratitude.

Practising gratitude has allowed me to sleep better and self-actualize the talents (with right attitude and consistent efforts) that the Universe has kindly bestowed on me. I am tremendously grateful to people who have loved me or allowed me to learn life lessons: parents, family, jedis, teachers, friends, colleague, collaborators, clients, customers, and the list goes on. I am grateful for diverse delicious food that we have savoured, beautiful and majestic places we have visited (Where have you been to?), and opportunities to learn and earn a living for ourselves and loved ones.

Although I am frugal (as we learn from our mothers/Godmothers) and practice a minimalist lifestyle, I learn not to be cheapskate and do shopping globally for essentials and gifts for others and myself.

I love learning, but learning is like a consumption, and I think that it is not enough to live as a consumer. Thus, I also love to contribute, create and produce both tangible and intangible things. Many times, I have questions that have propelled me to travel the world and pursue careers.

Learning is a form of investing in yourself (as highlighted by Andrew Carnegie and the richest man in Babylon), but we also need to invest in others. I believe in sharing to people who deserve it, at the right time and right place.

Travelling is a form of learning as the saying goes 读万卷书,行万里路 . I love visiting new places, meeting new people. Whenever I visit a new town/city, I love to visit places of praying, learning, trading and relaxing. Places of praying include mosques, churches, temples. Places of learning include libraries, universities, museums. Places of trading include traditional markets, supermarkets, fairs. Places of relaxing include gardens, parks, and theatres.

20160114 via a visit to Reykjavík University of Iceland

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