What can we learn about thinking big from Daniel Ally?

On 20191114,  while I was cooking our lunch, I listened to a Ted talk by Daniel Ally.

Some lessons to be successful can be summarized as BIG TIME:

  1. B is for books.
    1. Leaders are readers.
    2. Successful people leave ‘clues’ in the books they wrote or that have been written about them.
    3. On average, people may read a book per year. I aim to read a book per month.
    4. For 2019q4 when both Little Prince and Little Princess did not attend any formal school, I plan to read for them as much as possible theme-based books on numeracy (including finance) and literacy, complete our quests to visit all public libraries in our country, and let them read as often as possible [1]
    5. Most people read facebook, but I aim to minimize my usage of facebook, I only used it to find educational info.
    6. On 20191114, Little Prince shared with me that not all books are equal. For example, he mentioned that a book that teaches people to do bad things, should not be read.
  2. I is for individuals.
    1. In order for people who can help us succeed to come to  us, we have to make ourselves an ‘attractive person’ – morally, socially, physically, emotionally.
    2. Make people feel good about themselves.
  3. G is for goals.
  4. T is for time.
  5. M is for money.
  6. E is for energy.


[1] I discovered that a strategy for me to drive my both Little Prince and Little Princess is the set up a right environment with minimal distractions (TVs, youtube videos, and toys).

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