How to make the most of business lounges?

Airport lounges are usually more comfortable than terminals [0].

In 2019 Q3, I hope to bring my Mama to business lounges on 20190919, in spite of flying on economy class, thanks to my frequent flyer program and the remaining miles [1].

To optimize a visit to any business lounge:

  1. remember that miles don’t last forever [2]
  2. remind our children and ourselves that flying and traveling abroad is still a privilege in itself.
  3. use the right credit cards [3]
  4. check if there is a complimentary car service [4]
  5. be an early bird
    1. arrive at the airport early so we will have more time to enjoy a business lounge
      1. eat slowly without worrying that the flight attendants need to keep the food tray asap
      2. use the cleaner toilets
      3. freshen up with a shower before boarding
      4. Little Prince loves the family room or playroom with toys and tables for reading, drawing/colouring, eating, etc.
    2. buy items
      1. without paying GST
      2. liquid > 100 ml (after immigration and ensure that the items are sealed)
  6. skip the line
    1. use the priority access to reduce waiting for check-in (after doing online check-in to reserve seats), baggage drop-off, fast-track security, immigration, and boarding if possible.
  7. be polite
    1. dress well
    2. check-in counter staff do have some power to give complimentary business class upgrades (or exit-row seats with more legroom) to passenger
  8. be thick face
    1. It’s okay to ask airlines for help in acquiring elite status.
    2. Success breeds more success, so don’t be shy to ask other alliances and airlines for a Status Match.
    3. Good things happen to those who aren’t afraid to ask for it
    4. Lounge visitors can often bring 1 guest in with them for free, so hang out near a lounge entrance & hunt for kind solo travellers whom you may be able to sweet talk into accepting you as their guest [5].


[0] If airport lounges are inaccessible to us, explore airport hotel lounges, if any.

[1] Since 2019, I would not be able to fly often with this airlines any more. However, I have been flying budget airlines such as JetStar and Scoot.

[2] In 2019, I am using the remaining miles for a dream trip to bring my Mama and Little Prince to see a snow mountain for their first time.

[3] Since my credit card was misused without my authorization in Belgium on 20170125, I have cancelled all my credit cards because it took some time for the bank to cancel them and refund the amount that I paid to avoid late penalty.

Since I receive no salary in 2019, I have no plan to apply for any credit card, I have been using my husband one.

[4] The car service is actually not free, but is included in the airfare, so use it!

[5] Honestly, as of 20190916, I have not tried this suggestion by Skyscanner but a friend has kindly brought me to both business and first class lounges as a non-paying guest.

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