What is our list of groceries in 2019 Q3?

Before I quit my job, I have strived to buy more food in its most natural forms. Now, with no demands from my clients and bosses, I could spend more time on preparing food for my beloved Little Prince, Little Princess and myself.

On 20190905, my Mama went to a market that she used to go with my late Papa, and I referred to my old list of groceries in google keep.

Below is our list of groceries as of 2019 Q3:

  1. Vegetables
    1. green leaves e.g. spinach, lettuce
    2. asparagus / sweet peas / brocoli
    3. sweet potato / pumpkin / carrot / potato / beet root
    4. tomato / cherry tomato or cucumber
  2.  Fruit
    1. banana
    2. apple
    3. avocado
    4. pear
    5. papaya
    6. mango [1]
  3. egg
  4. fresh milk
  5. meat & fish
    1. salmon
    2. free-range chicken / ayam kampung [2]
  6. ginger & garlic
  7. walnut / almond / figs / cashew


[1] Mango was referred to as the favourite fruit of Little Prince and his Godmother in 2019 Q2.

[2] In 2019 Q3, Mama flew 10 pieces of frozen ayam kampung with her so she could cook them for her grandchildren.

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