What are questions to ask before renting an apartment?

Since the father of Little Prince wanted to enrol him in a primary school where he went for his secondary school and offers Primary Gifted Education Programme (GEP) (Primary 4 to 6), we may likely move to a new home.

I think the most important thing is the motivation to learn as I wonder if it is worth it to trade the childhood (time and energy) of Little Prince for more homework and project work. Perhaps, if he is really keen to learn, he could accelerate to higher level of education.

When I was in Primary 6 and Secondary School 1-2, I was disappointed by schooling. My P6 classroom teacher was often sick (she suffered from diabetes) and my pre-teen classmates turned nasty. I told my Mama that I wanted to quit school, but she was unable to help me for my self-directed learning, which occurred later overseas in a different education system.

Anyway, since the father of Little Prince is willing to afford to accommodation cost, some questions worth asking before renting an apartment include:

  1. What is the rental cost?
    1. What is our budget?
    2. agent fee? usually a month’s rent
    3. maintenance cost?
    4. deposit?
    5. Is there a penalty for terminating the lease early?
    6. are you liable for damages of any kind, or only for damages that you cause? Ensure we can have a limit of $150-$200
    7. Who’s paying for the resident’s pass?
  2. Is it furnished or partially furnished?
  3. How convenient is the place?
    1. school
    2. groceries
    3. MRT + bus stop
    4. library
    5. park
  4. Shelter for pedestrian? zebra crossing?
  5. depth of swimming pool?
  6. What is the path of the sun over the available apartment? Will you receive lots of natural lighting or will your apartment feel like a cave?
  7. What is the noise level?
  8. Is there any 2nd hand smoke?
  9. Test all the faucets, windows, and appliances. Let’s say the sink starts dripping. How does maintenance work?
  10. does this place have a roach problem?
  11. Are the dumpsters, recycling bins and compost bins located near your building, or will you be carrying your trash bags to another part of the apartment complex?
  12. When can the landlord drop by?
  13. The TA should include an appendix listing all the furniture and fittings in the property, as well as the condition they’re in.



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