How to be the parents that teachers love?

When teachers have good impressions on us and feel that we give them convenience instead of troubles, they will treat our children better. I experienced this with the first kindergarten of Little Prince. His beautiful and blonde teacher from Canada loved him a lot.

To be parents that teachers love:

  1. volunteer readily when help is called for
  2. donate supplies to the classroom
  3. never forget to say thank you or to give a word of praise and encouragement
  4. ask the teachers for their preferred mode of communication and keep to that
  5. before a parent-teacher meeting, draw up a list of questions for our child’s teachers
    1. what are our child’s strengths and weaknesses for each subject? (academic)
    2. how does our child get along with others? (relational)
    3. does our child take instruction well from teachers? (behavioral)
  6. contact teachers only during office hours




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