Why I dislike red and orange colours in Spring 2019?

I used to like every color on earth.

I also loved autumn colors with the glorious maple leaves of red maroon, especially the petite Japanese maple leaves [3] that remind me on baby’s hands.

Once, I posted a LinkedIn profile photo wearing a red blazer that later Mama wore for her flight on 20190320.

Since Mama told me that a healer advised Papa not to wear clothes of red, orange or yellow color, I became disliking particularly red. Perhaps, its association with Lunar New Year caused someone like me who has bad memories of Lunar New Year to dislike it further.

The curious me started to find the possible explanations:

  1. overtired
  2. under stress
  3. post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  4. While the Chinese associates red with auspiciousness, human beings also associate fire, blood, heart (including broken heart), anger, aggression, violence and even death with red.
  5. the death of Papa who critically motivated me to compete and achieve
  6. the harsh treatment of my spouse [2]
  7. I need calm and relaxation rather than red’s high energy around me
  8. upset of using red inks marking the wrong attempts of my former students and my son

To reduce my dislike of red, I could try [1] the followings:

  1. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  2. Tai Chi 太极 with the mind-boggling duality of yin yang as its philosophy.


[1] As of 20190321, I would never trust anyone to perform hypnotherapy on me, though hypnosis can be use to treat chromatophobia by attaching different feeling to red.

I also considered yoga but not any more after the woman who hurt me deeply in Spring 2019, enjoys yoga daily as the wife of a CEO. I felt very betrayed by her, when she was supposed to be one of my supporters.

[2] When people whom we love hurt us so deeply, we start to question everything we believe.

[3] This tall, talented (she has a PhD from UT Austin and teaches at CUHK), sociable and photogenic lady (陳萱庭 Hsuan-Ting Chen) hailed from Taiwan, with a loving 1982-born Rusian husband, reminded me on the talented Godmother of Little Prince.


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