What are alternative uses of toiletries?

On 20190225, I spent my precious afternoon decluttering the box containing toiletries that I have collected over 1-2 years ago.

In my humble view, the toiletries that are provided in the hotels are not free. We actually pay for them. Their costs are included in the room rate. Thus, I collected them if they are useful and not of poor quality.

Shampoo/shower gel:

  1. to wash dishes
  2. to wash clothes

Shower cap:

  1. to keep hair dry when we shower
  2. partially cover shoes that we do not wear daily so dust will not accumulate on them
  3. as a plastic bin

Toothbrush + Toothpaste:

  1. to wash my retainers
  2. to clean the stained on stainless steels

Shaving cream:

  1. to learn alphabets

Soap bar:

  1. to wash hands
  2. to put in boxes of clothes
    1. once the soap bar gets wet, it can no longer serve this purpose.
    2. Bye mothballs! I will never buy mothballs again as naphthalene is an toxic insecticide!


  1. In spring 2019, I used the Crabtree & Evelyn conditioners that I got in autumn 2016 to soak and remove odor from clothes that I have not worn for a long time.
  2. handwash lingerie
  3. shine stainless steels. Can the conditioner remove the rusty look?


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