How to enjoy lemons?

Citruses such as lemons are rich sources of vitamin C.

To enjoy lemons:

  1. honey lemon: mix honey with hot water, add room temperature water, squeeze freshly cut lemon
  2. coat apple chunks to slow them down from being oxidized
  3. lemon-infused water
    1. the bitter taste is due to the rind
    2. the bitter taste is associated with alkali
    3. the bitter flavor may  increase bile production and flow
    4. refrigerate the lemon slices in water up to 3 days
  4. facial scrub before washing with facial wash

Good to know:

  1. Lemon water can erode enamel.
  2. Acidic food and beverages e.g. lemon water temporarily soften the enamel so don’t brush our teeth right after drinking lemon water.


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