How to deal with flat feet?

Since Little Prince was little, I observed that he fell down often. Can it be due to his tiredness? flat feet? or both?

On 20180918, I brought Little Prince to see a podiatrist who graduated from the University of Barcelona. The consultation costed me ~ USD 14, and it made me aware of potential risks that Little Prince faces.

The doctor checked for hip external and internal rotations. She bent Little Prince’s knees. She also bent his toes. She commented that he has very flat feet. She mentioned that boys grow until they reach 21 years old.

When she removed his shirts an examined him in front of a mirror, we observed that Little Prince’s right shoulder was lifted up! His over pronation may contribute to his shoulder posture!

Over pronation can result in injuries in the knees, hips or even backs.

The podiatry doctor concluded that Little Prince does not need medical shoes, he requires insoles for his flexible flat feet.

To deal with flat feet:

  1. wear insoles
    1. Since my company insurance does not cover for the insoles (considered as a medical device), the beautiful blonde doctor quoted me ~USD 230 for insoles.
    2. These insoles need to be replaced every 6 months or 1 year.
    3. Wearing appropriate shoes that support and stabilize the arches
  2. swim!
    1. The first podiatrist whom we saw recommended swimming for Little Prince as a form of stretching exercise.
    2. Thankfully, swimming* is one of his passions.
    3. As of 20180918, he could only swim around with arm floats but not by himself as he has not learned how to hold his breath.
  3. remind Little Prince to sit properly to avoid future back pains


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