What art materials are safe for children?

On 20180617, Honey Panda and I were having different thoughts on which one was better for Little Princess: a crayon or a color pencil?

Toddlers have to press hard to get bright color from crayons and parts of them fall off or break easily.

Pencil tips may fall off and a 2 to 3 year old may favor a thick crayon or jumbo pencils over a thin adult’s pencil.

Since little children are all about tactile experience, there may be a chance any art material we give them will enter their mouth at some point.

Even non-toxic-labeled materials carry warning label because they are not poisonous in small amounts, but some could be in large amounts.

Some art materials that I consider:

  1. Since a child graduates from a crayons to colored pencils as it grows older, we must get safer crayons for Little Princess as of 20180617 [1].
    1. I am considering Crayola My First Crayola Palm Grip or Honeysticks Non Toxic Crayons For Babies
  2. edible homemade paint made of yogurt and food coloring
  3. edible homemade play dough
    1. use food coloring of primary colors (red, yellow, blue) to add colors
  4. lipsticks for red colors, eye shadow, foundations that I rarely used [2].


[1] 20180617 is Father’s Day in China, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, USA and I thought of Papa who has gone to the heaven.

[2] While I believe that girls and women must know how to put proper make up, I prefer not having to wear make up on most days to let my face skin breathes!

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