What have we learned from decluttering in Summer 2018?

Clutters distract me from focusing on what truly matters.

Yes, I admit that I am pretty sensitive. Clutters bombard me with excessive (visual, olfactory, etc) stimuli, i.e. overwhelm me, hence I prefer to be a minimalist.

In addition, dust and mold that accummulate in a clutter space (home, office, etc) are exacerbating allergies and asthma, which Little Prince struggled with.

Some lessons that we learned from decluttering in Summer 2018:

  1. Define clutters.
    1. What one person calls clutter another calls collections or treasures.
    2. Give things that we think of as clutters to people who like the things.
    3. To live in the present, we must minimize too much things that drag us into the past (memory clutter may depress as it is sentimental) or pull us into the future (someday clutter may cause anxiety).
  2. Papers are non-durable as they get moldy easily.
    1. Papers include books and boxes. Thus, do not store our items in paper-made boxes and card boards for a long term.
    2. This knowledge makes me sad as I love books and aspire to write widely-read books. I prefer to read books that I could flip and fold, instead of digital books that make my eyes painful after reading them for hours.
    3. My parents earned a living by selling papers and I love having access to paper to draw and write whenever I could as a child.
    4. Do not keep books inside our bedroom (20180629). How’s about students?
      1. Based on my humble experience as a winner of scholarships, we cannot remember the entire books.
      2. However, we can remember the essential points/formulas/rules (that help us to solve problems).
      3. Thus, to prepare for exams, let’s make our own notes and summary notes. Later, we can digitize them and share with our juniors. It’s always a good idea to have local digital copies as we may not always have an internet access.
    5. I wonder how the library was going to preserve the hard copy of the letter that I wrote at age 25 to be opened a century later. I pray that I could attend the event itself, flying to UK at age 125 to visit the main library of my alma mater.
  3. Transparent plastic storage boxes are perhaps the best way to store items in tropical regions from dusts.
    1. However, white clothes (inside the plastic storage box) can get moldy too. Thus, keep only limited amount of clothes and choose a minimalist lifestyle.
    2. Ikea Slugis white/beige (non-transparent) plastic boxes turn yellowish after some years.
    3. For additional effort, we can also put a transparent trash bag over the storage boxes to minimize dusts.
  4. Do not buy any cloth with visuals/images pasted on them with the screen printing (sablon) technique. No sablon please!
  5. Do not buy black clothes as molds and mosquitoes like them.
  6. Do not buy socks with toes as it takes longer time to wear.
  7. Cloth bags get moldy too.
    1. I would try washing them using white vinegar or baking soda.
  8. When we donate or discard things that we have emotional attachment, but the things are no longer useful for us, we affirm “better things will come.” The things that I refer here may be tangible or intangible such as peace of mind.
  9. When travel to dream destinations, do not buy souvenirs (as they would collect dusts), instead enjoy the food, buy experience (e.g. paragliding, snorkeling) and just keep visuals (photos, videos, etc) as souvenirs.


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