How to walk away from someone or something that is not right for us?

Sometimes, we encounter someone or something that is not right for us. For the sake of our sanity and serenity, we must walk away or minimize exposure to them.

To walk away:

  1. nurture inner strength to keep calm.
    1. practice self-love
    2. breathe
    3. be firm on our decisions
    4. learn to accept some things are not going to work out as we wish
  2. reflect on our reasons:
    1. verbal, emotional, and physical abuse
    2. different dreams or visions for the future
    3. difficulty in communicating
  3. remember that a healthy relationship is making positive contribution to our life.
    1. if a person makes our life miserable, we are making the right decision to walk away from him/her.
    2. On 20180615, I feel sad that Little Prince often witnesses how Honey Panda and I fight.
  4. don’t blame the other person or outline their faults.
  5. avoid apologizing as it sends the message that I’ve done something wrong.
  6. move forward:
    1. donate or discard things that remind us on the person.
    2. delete contacts [1]
    3. limit your contact to strictly discussing the children.
  7. focus on our dreams and visit our dream destinations as envisioned since 2015, 2017.
  8. lovingly take care of ourselves through daily reminders.


[1] On 20180615, while making a future transfer for the upcoming birthday of my brother, I have removed the account number of Honey Panda’s mother from my bank’s transfer recipient list as Honey Panda often mentions divorce when things don’t go well. If the divorce occurs, she would no longer be my mother-in-law. After all, we were chased out from their home by the greedy sister of Honey Panda, and their parents (including my mother-in-law) did nothing to stop her from doing so, implying their support on her.



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