What are house chores that we appreciate others to assist us?

Mama taught me that time is one of the most important treasures that we have, hence if we can outsource some house chores (i.e. we exchange our money for someone else to help us do the house chores), that would be great.

Some tasks that I appreciate others (e.g. a cleaning lady) assist us to do (so that I could have more face time with Little Prince and Little Princess):

  1. hand wash floor mats
    1. I prefer not to put them immediately into the washing machine as dusts may still be trapped after machine wash.
  2. change the sofa cover
  3. wash the dust bin with foot pedal at kitchen (I would really appreciate if our house mates could be more careful when throwing liquid-containing waste)
  4. wash the stool where Little Prince stands to wash hand at the common room basin
  5. wipe the walls [1] and I miss the ceramic walls that Papa designed for us in his previous houses. The ceramic walls gave cooling effect in the humid city and was easier to clean.
  6. wipe the wooden chairs that we sit

[1] In the early Summer 2018, Mama suggested this as Little Prince suffered from dust allergy.

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