What things do we really need?

On 20180527, after arrival from a heartbreaking multi-city journey of bidding farewell forever to the maternal grandfather of Little Prince and Little Princess, we found that our home at the birth city of both Little Prince and Little Princess too dusty.

Consequently, Little Prince suffered from itchy eyes and itchy noses. He also sneezed non-stop. Then, Honey Panda thought of an idea or removing our black leather bed head that we bought in 2011. Perhaps, molds have accumulated there and the moldy smell in the room 1 is decreasing.

On 20180530, Honey Panda sent Little Prince away to the home of his paternal grandparents, to ease his dust allergy and to allow some relaxing time. Unlike 20180528 when Little Princess who adored Little Prince, not seeing his brother made Little Princess suffered more from separation anxiety, in addition to her running nose. She cried a lot and I could not do as many work as I wish. Honestly, I admired one of my kindest collaborators, A from Kerala, who efficiently managed to care for her son (born in the same year as Little Princess) and produced results for our studies.

Then, I became more resolute to declutter our home amid many responsibilities, so that I could focus more on people who matter to me and create more meaningful (tangible and intangible) things, instead of things that we want. For things that remind us of times with those people, I could digitize or donate them.

Things that we really need e.g. 衣食住行:

  1. 身手钥钱
    1. Identity documents [1]
      1. identity cards
      2. passports
    2. mobile phones
      1. as communication tools (whatsapp, skype)
      2. as camera
      3. as calendar
      4. as music and video player
    3. keys
    4. money + cards
  2. laptop + mouse + ear piece
    1. to communicate (emails, skype, whatsapp)
    2. to create (write, design)
    3. to listen to music
    4. to watch videos: youtube, TED talks, massive open online courses (MOOCs)
  3. [衣] hats & sunglasses: for Little Prince + Little Princess + HappyGreenPanda
  4. [衣] clothes: 5 working attire that can last for a week
  5. [食] rice cooker
  6. [食] steamer + steamer insert
  7. [食] 1 peeler for fruit + 1 peeler for vegetables.
  8. [食] 1 chopping board for fruit and vegetables that are eaten raw and 1 chopping board for meat and vegetables to be cooked.
  9. [食] 1 knife for fruit and vegetables that are eaten raw and 1 knife for meat and vegetables to be cooked.
  10. [食] kitchen wash basins with 2 separate compartments and tap that allows me to wash with 90 degree of elbow.
  11.  toiletries
    1. baby wash/shampoo
    2. facial wash
    3. liquid soap to wash hands and bodies
    4. shampoo
    5. toothbrushes
    6. toothpaste
    7. mouth rinse that we try to use only when we have ulcers on our mouth and have to converse with clients
    8. baby powder
      1. to remove oiliness on face
    9. comb: I love the one that I bought from Boots in Cambridge
  12. [住] rubbish bins with a lid and a foot pedal for kitchen, rooms.
  13. [住] single mattresses
    1. 2 single mattresses can be joined using a double bed sheet to make a double bed.
    2. Tips: do not buy/use leather bed frames as they easily turned moldy in tropical regions.
  14.  toys
    1. I taught Little Prince that everything can be a toy as long as you imagine it.
    2. Instead of buying cooking set toys for Little Princess, I gave her rarely used plastic eating utensils from Ikea. I also gave her real comb as beauty toys.
  15. [行] luggage
  16. [行] spare spectacles + spectacle case
  17. [行] hair dryer
  18. [行] water bottles
  19. [行] kettle
    1. to make milk
    2. to boil water
    3. we are not going to use the kettle provided by hotels
  20. [行] umbrella
  21. floor mats or unused clothes
  22. hand towers or unused clothes
  23. mop

Things that we don’t really need:


[1] I was born in a country where race is a very sensitive issue. My parents have to change their names and acquire many documents as a proof of citizenship. It was adding the complexity as Papa passed away overseas.



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