How to overcome parasites that cause low appetite in children?

During 20180420 play date where we could view as far as NYUAD, the parents of Little Prince suggested that his low appetite may be due to parasites (e.g. worms).

As of 20180421, Little Prince showed some (but not all) symptoms of having worms.

  1. itchiness around anus
  2. grinding teeth during sleep
  3. soft stools (perhaps due to the attack on the intestinal lining by parasitic worms).
  4. Coughing, wheezing (Such respiratory troubles may crop up when the hookworm larvae attack lungs)

To overcome the challenge:

  1. remind our children to wash their hands
  2. trim their nails
  3. do not let children eat off the floor or the ground.
  4. avoid touching soil or sand without gloves
  5. remind our children not to put things (including their fingers, handkerchief) in their mouth
  6. raw carrots sliced / carrot juice
  7. Though it’s advised to feed your child four to six teaspoons of extra virgin [1] coconut oil every morning for a week, in June 2017, the AHA issued a new science advisory against using saturated fats, including coconut oil.


[1] The only way to really tell that we’ve got a properly pressed, unrefined (virgin) coconut oil is to use our nose: “if it has a sweet coconut smell as if you’ve just cracked open a fresh coconut, it probably is.”

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