What are your plans after stopping lactation?

On 20180323, Honey Panda informed me that Little Prince prefers mother’s milk (even it’s thawed from the frozen ones and does not taste as good as the freshly pumped breastmilk) over milk powder of Aptamil 3. She drinks less milk than before, but thankfully she loves to eat diverse food though. Honey Panda mentioned that she was increasingly selective of what she likes to eat.

After stopping the production of breast milk, I plan to:

  • consume Metronidazole (my doctor referred to it as Flagyl) for 10 days, as adviced on 20180426 by the gastroenterologist who cared for me during my 3-night hospitalization in Spring 2018 due to food poisoning. The consumption of Flagyl is not recommended while breastfeeding.
  • consume less dairy products (including milk, cheese). I am no longer growing and in need of milk as much as children do. While producing breast milk for our children, I have been consuming milk or soup every time I finish pumping.
  • consume less meat [1]
  • exercise gently to reduce unwanted body fat, especially on the abdomen, and overall body weight.
  • travel to new countries where we have not visited before.


[1] Our papa recently saw a doctor who advised him to consume no meat to fight cancer.

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