How to prevent and combat mold and mildew?

Mold and mildew could be damaging our home and our health.

At the night of 20180323 (the first night I spent in our home country), we decided to move from the room 1 to the master room as Honey Panda and Little Princess started to sneeze continuously.

To prevent mold:

  1. Live a minimalist lifestyle.
  2. Eliminate moisture sources; water and mold go hand in hand.
  3. Install a bathroom fan (or at least, open a window) to exhaust moisture in a bathroom/toilet [1].
  4. Do not buy/use leather materials in tropical regions as we learned from a lesson that our leather bed frame, in the room 1 of Home@S2011, easily became moldy and worsen the dust allergy of Little Prince. Honey Panda finally discarded the moldy bed frame in Summer 2018.

To combat mold:

  1. Discard moldy materials.


[1] In the morning of 20180602, Mama advised us to hire the cleaning lady to clean our bathrooms weekly.


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