What can we learn from the movie Paradox?

On our flight departing 20180322 and arriving 20180323, I watched the movie Paradox (杀破狼・贪狼), a 2017 film about telling the story about Lee, a widower and a police negotiator who traveled to Bangkok to search for his teenage daughter and is aided by local detectives.

  1. Some places are unsafe and best avoided.
    1. In the movie, the police’s daughter traveled to Pattaya, Thailand and unfortunately was kidnapped by an organ trafficking gang (led by Sacha), who wants her (physically pumping) heart to replace a mayoral’s candidate failing heart.
    2. Solo travelers, while enjoying the liberty, face the higher risks of being targets of criminals.
  2. Some people are ungrateful and cruel.
    1. After Tak (a Thai police who kindly gave a protective wristband to his colleague Chui Kit) saved Sacha from falling from a high rise flat, Sacha attempted to threw a boy. In an effort to save the boy, Tak almost fell down from the high rise flat, yet Sacha – who was rescued by Tak – push Tak down to his death!
  3. Single parents and their child/children face more challenges.
    1. A daughter raised by a single father does not have the guidance of her mother about relationships with men, and vice versa.
    2. While the protective yet authoritative Lee loves his daughter very much, his daughter has no woman-to-woman-only advice about relationships with the opposite sex, as her mother has sadly passed away in a car accident when she was a primary school goer. According to the scene, she turned to the back to see her daughter and husband before the accident, hence we must focus (including not to turn our head to the back) while driving.
    3. No matter how busy single parents (especially single mothers) are, it’s important to drinks plenty of water, eats vegetables and tries to get as much sleep as possible.
  4. The hardest pain in the life is bidding farewell to one’s own children.
    1. After seeing the death body of his daughter, Lee decided to take a revenge and take his own life afterwards, as he felt that he has lost everything that he had.
  5. Be not only an independent, but also responsibly independent child, teen, and adult.
    1. Lee’s daughter craved for independent, that’s might contributed to her falling pregnant by a youth who did not attend a school (whom Lee dislikes and reported to police for having sexual intercourse with an underage girl i.e. his daughter) and bravely traveling to Thailand without (perhaps sufficiently) assessing the risks [1].
    2. What do you think it’s a good idea for one to start independently or semi-independently from their parents? 10? 14? [2]


[1] We must remind ourselves to check the stay safe section of wikitravel and googling it.

[2] Due to riots in the city where I spent my childhood, at age 14, I went overseas to pursue for a better life not only for me but also my siblings.

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