How to swim?

Swimming is an essential life skill.

To swim:

  1. preview by watching swimming lessons online (youtube)
  2. Test multiple pools if it is right for us [1].
  3. warm up outside the pool (10 to 20 minutes) before swimming:make stretches.
  4. accept that at some point everyone inhales water through the nose, we must not get put off by this.
  5. learn from instructors [2]



[1] Since signing up for a package of swimming lessons means we need to use a particular pool quite often, it’s always a good idea to test it first if the pool is just right for us.

On 20180309, thanks to the kindness of a friend who was born in Panama, Little Prince could swim in the 1.2m pool and the toddler pool of Sun/Sky Tower. However, he found that the temperature of the water was too low and complained of being cold. He didn’t enjoy the water activity in contrast to his first attempt to learn how to float on 20180303 at Mangrove Place.

As of Spring 2018, Sun/Sky Tower offered swimming lessons costing AED 1325 for 18 sessions. The timing is Mondays and Wednesdays 4pm-4.30pm. According to the reception staff, there were 22 students last term, which is discouraging for we are woried about safety. Later the staff reassured me that each coach will only teach 2-3 students at a time.


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