How to dance?

On 20180314, Little Prince would have an audition for a talent show (a varsity show). He wanted to dance with the song Little Apple, which has been very popular in China. Previously, he had missed an audition on 20180124 for the 2018 International Day (20180201) due to being unwell, so we are determined to put more efforts.

Since I have never formally learned dancing under a particular instructor [1], I could only do my best in supporting him. His aspiration to perform for his fellow school mates allowed him to learn Mandarin through the lyrics (and the translation into English) and do more exercises, which are good for both his mind and body.

  1. watch inspiring dance performances by professionals and dance videos online to understand the basics of different styles of dance.
  2. learn the basics 1st e.g. basic ballet positions.
  3. deconstruct the dance into steps that we can copy or simplify.
    1. For example, I took the pictures of separate dance movements to help Little Prince practicing his dance of Little Apple.
  4. learn to hear the beat of music.
  5. practice makes perfect!
    1. set aside time specifically for practice so our body develop muscle memory.
  6. while dancing,
    1. we must focus
    2. our emotions must complement the music
    3. listen to the beat to be on time with the moves.
  7. self-examine and review ourselves
    1. practice in front of a mirror
    2. take videos of ourselves dancing to improve
    3. ask tips from other dancers
  8. try cross-training e.g. swimming, cycling, yoga


[1] While I was an undergraduate student, I joined a dance society for an academic year and we performed at old folk homes during festive events. However, I have never really felt good enough as I did copying the movement from other dancers who were much better than me. I also admired seniors, who organized our freshmen orientation camp and danced very well.


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