Why must we nurture gratitude?

We accept that life is unfair [1], but life still offers many joyful and beautiful things.


[1] There are many things and events that have formed my perceptions about fairness.

On 20180227 when I transferred my salary to another account not associated with the ATM card, I became aware that my employer pays us towards the end of the month (it was few days earlier previously) but we have had to pay for our accommodation (rent, mortgage, etc) at the beginning of the year. I managed to find an accommodation that allowed me to pay at the beginning of the month but at a higher overall rate. Nevertheless, I appreciate the flexibility of not being locked down for a year. Then, I also found out that they paid me less for a particular allowance (details at ref2018*/*allowance*20180227*jpg) than what was agreed before I started work here, but it’s better than none at all.


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