How to protect us from hurtful words?

Words …

There is one who speaks rashly, like a piercing sword; but the tongue of the wise brings healing. [Proverbs 12:8]

Words that are hurtful to us, act an arrow that pierces our inner being.

To protect us from hurtful words:

  1. Nurture our inner strength.
    1. We cannot control their words but we can control our thoughts.
    2. Believe in ourselves, instead of others’ (especially hurtful) words. Never let those negative words of others define who we are.
  2. Pray to the Universe [1]
  3. Remember positive stories:
    1. Once there lived a woman named Hannah. She was childless. Her relatives used to make fun of her and call her nick names. But she used to be silent and was very sad deep inside her heart. Many times her husband tried to console her but still she was unhappy. One day she went to the temple of God and started weeping in God’s presence and told her request to God. And the Bible says that her face was no more sad. It was because she told her problem to the right person. And God heard her prayer and gave her a boy child. He was named Samuel and he became a prophet of God.
  4. Stand up for ourselves.
    1. Don’t allow others to continue to speak hurtful words into our life. If it means removing negative people from our life, then so be it.
  5. Release, instead of holding onto, the hurt.
    1. We can release our hurt to God for He is love and will not say hurtful words.
  6. We accept that some people can say some really stupid things, trying to “help us” or make us feel better, but in reality, it can make the pain even worse.


[1] In spring 2018, after being hurt by a number of people who go to church weekly, I don’t feel like going to church anymore. However, I believe that God is love; The Universe and The God is related.

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