How to be innovative?

To innovate (创新) means to introduce new ideas, methods, products, etc.

On 20180210, before Little Prince went to sleep, I shared with him an article about the M-Bot, a robot that aims to remove waste from water and protect marine habitats, designed by GEMS United Indian School grade 5 student Sainath Manikandan. Sainath’s robotic kit included items e.g. CPU, three DC motors, three wheels, 6V battery case, remote transmitter, receiver board and cables. He also spent Dh550 [1] on buying other materials , e.g. the colorful inflatable pool. Little Prince was inspired to design and innovate an airplane, using recycled water bottles.

To be innovative:



[1] To innovate, one often has to be wealthy enough to afford resources (time, talents – either self and others, materials, etc)

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