How to survive and thrive in the future where AI and VR have become ubiquitous?

Artificial intelligence (AI). AI fosters real-time image and speech recognition.

Virtual reality (VR) includes “both 360-degree graphics and videos such as those for Google Cardboard and augmented reality (AR) displays in which data is overlaid on a view of the outside world.”

On 20180209, I read an article entitled Countdown to the Singularity (2018-2038) (see ref2018*/countdown_singularity_20180209.pdf), shared by a former mentor [1].

I would be happy to have a robot maid [1] and a robot butler, as I would not need a robot nanny any longer after both Little Prince and Little Princess can independently care for themselves. Our robots must be lighter than our children and me in weight (mass) as I am concerned that errors in AI will turn them violent.

I would also be happy to have a robot researcher and a robot tutor to help me learn things faster.

As robots will replace many professions that perform repetitive tasks (including pilots [2] according to Singularity University and professors according to Little Prince on 20180209 as robots will be smarter than our average professors [3]), I ponder on what professions and vocations one can aspire to pursue.

What are action plans that we can take?

  1. learn the fundamentals of maths, statistics, probability
  2. learn programming
    1. since early age [4]
  3. learn machine learning and AI
    1. search Kagggle
    2. utilize Kaggle Datasets
    3. participate seriously in Kaggle Competitions
      1. Kaggle Competitions also provide a unique opportunity to team up with others.
    4. teach others machine learning as teaching is one of the best ways of learning.
      1. write codes and share them in Kaggle Kernels, GitHub
      2. write research papers
      3. write tutorials and/or blog posts
      4. answer questions on Kaggle, Quora, etc
      5. give talks
      6. teach a class
      7. write a book
  4. apply machine learning professionally.
  5. learn how to stay safe in the real environment worldwide and in the cyber world.
    1. develop inner strengths. On 20180212, Honey Panda shared that when he was 12 years old, he built a fireman robot without the assistance of his parents (unlike most other students) as he wanted to innovate a robot, one that was different from the science fair he went to last year (he started participating in science fair since he was 9 years old). However, a day before the actual day, he listened to a teacher who informed him to leave his fireman robot in a classroom and was destroyed by other students! The next morning, he discovered that his fireman robot could no longer move his arms and legs, he was so hurt and decided not to present his hard work! If I were him, I would just present with whatever I am left, even though the robot was destroyed as the idea was fresh. From this experience, we (especially Little Prince and Little Princess) learn that we must never give up! We also learned that not to easily trust a grown-up but to assess the situation; if Honey Panda kept his fireman robot at somewhere safer, it would not be destroyed.
    2. On 20180208, I learned that a friend’s friend from Tunisia was a victim of digital financial theft and he has spent a lot of time dealing with the police in an attempt to recover his money. Such scam can happen to anyone, even the smart ones, including the Tunisian gentleman who is an Assistant Professor in Mathematics and has worked in France and USA.
  6. innovate things that bring goodness and joy to others
  7. save and invest so that we can afford our desirable robots


[1] My former mentor would be happy with a robot administrator to free him so that he could do more deep thinking and conceive more ideas.

Our robot maid will be responsible for:

  • shopping for groceries (she can carefully chose the fresh vegetables/meat, do price comparisons)
  • carefully washing our fruit and vegetables as a mother would do for her children
  • cooking our home-cooked nutritious meals
  • cleaning the toilet and kitchen
  • throwing the garbage daily while remembering to lock the door when she goes out to do so
  • changing our bed sheets
  • putting our clothes into washing machine and hanging them for drying.
  • vacuum cleaning our room
  • wiping our windows from dust
  • waiting for packages delivered by drones (not delivery men)

Honey Panda may perhaps be happy with a sex bot.

[2] Little Prince started dreaming to be a bus driver as we respect bus drivers who have driven us safely to destinations in rain or shine. Then, after I brought Little Prince flying and visiting the cockpit, he started aspiring to be a pilot.

[3] Little Prince might be right as Singularity University predicted that in 2030, AI will pass the Turing Test, matching and exceeding human intelligence in every area.

[4] On 20180212, a kind mother of Little Prince’s classmate (4 years old) shared about a toy to learn coding, which I added to a wish list for Little Princess’ birthday gift.

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