How to nurture curiosity?

While I am thankful for showers, especially warm water showers, they are not only relaxing but also learning opportunities.

The more curious a child is, the more he learns.

On 20180129, Little Prince enjoyed a floating boat toy (made of washed ex-mushroom packaging container filled in with water and hotel shampoo tubes: 1 was almost empty and floated, another one was full and sank [1]) while showering.

Then, as the soapy water flew into his boat he curiously asked why soap forms bubbles. This is a chemistry question! A simple explanation is that bubbles are actually very thin sandwiches of water-soap-water, due to the amphipathic nature of soap.

To nurture curiosity:

  1. be humble and open to learn, unlearn, and relearn.
  2. ask questions
    1. ask ourselves questions e.g. trying to understand our beliefs
    2. ask our children open-ended questions e.g.
      1. How do you feel about …?
      2. Tell me about what happened in school today.
    3. use Socratic questioning techniques.
  3. answer questions simply and clearly according to our children’s development (ages, interests, etc). In brief, 因材施教 (to teach in line with the student’s ability)!
  4. create an interesting environment
    1. Paste images (pictures/drawings/photos) on the wall.
  5. appreciate nature
    1. walk outside and and wonder aloud about the trees, the sky, the stars.
  6. redirect (do not discourage) and consider alternatives.
    1. “If she likes to pour the water from her cup onto the high chair or floor, move her to the kitchen floor, bathtub or backyard after the meal so she can explore and experiment with water without driving you crazy. “


[1] This toy is an application of our mantra “everything can be a toy, as long as we imagine it.” Materials like boxes, blocks, water, containers, sand can be used imaginatively and creatively. For example, in autumn 2017, Little Prince imagined emptied water bottles as buses and towers/skyscrapers.

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