How to teach preschoolers to stand up for themselves?

After returning from his school on 20180129, Little Prince shared that a student in another KG1 class (where Sophia is) tore his the protective #fruitwrapper (#meshTube #fruitFoam) that I deployed to prevent his banana from bruises.

On 20180306, while I helped Little Prince to shower, I saw a bruise on his lower right arm and asked him how he got it. He shared with me that there were naughty students from other classes who tried to grab the watches and jackets of others, one of them grabbed his hand forcefully. Therefore, he declared that he does not want to wear any watch for the fear of being assaulted. According to Little Prince, the bullies operate as a team! One of the team members is Sophia’s brother, and he wanted me to go to his school (which I rarely do due to work) so that he could point the bullies from their class photos. I asked him if he informed teachers, he said Yes yet the teachers would only told the bullies, “That’s unkind!” However, no further action was taken to protect the bullied.

Since Little Prince is pretty petite, I honestly worried of his safety and thought that in an international school,  people including children, would be more tolerating of differences. Nevertheless, his experience taught me that bullies are everywhere, yet we can make friends with anyone (unfortunately, not everyone) who is kind and ready to accept us.

Little Prince shared that when his Japanese classmate (大和 – a smart, also petite, boy born on the Valentine Day 2013), an Emirati classmate (Mouza, a big, tall, pretty girl whose parents generously gave each of her classmates a National day goodie bag in 2017), and him ran into their classroom, he felt safer.

Kids can be brutal! While we teach our children to be kind, other children may take advantage of them.

“In the long run, kids who don’t learn to stand up for themselves may be more prone to anxiety and depression, influenced by peer pressure or apt to become passive-aggressive.”

To stand up for ourselves:

  1. raise our consciousness
    1. wear our imaginary armour
    2. imagine ourselves as
      1. our superhero/heroine
      2. a giant oak tree
    3. There is a strength in not letting yourself get hurt by people.”
  2. respond assertively
    1. we need to nurture assertiveness
    2. use body language to mean what we say
      1. maintain eye contact
      2. keep our voice calm
      3. stand an appropriate distance from the bully
      4. use the bully’s name when speaking to him
  3. Just say NO to their hurtful/unkind actions
  4. nurture connection capital with
    1. trusted and supportive adults.
    2. loyal friends.
  5. seek help from the wise and the powerful.
    1. only by telling an adult that kids can begin to re-balance the power dynamic.



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  1. […] In autumn 2017 and spring 2018, Little Prince encountered bullies that necessitate him to stand up for himself. I also plan to request the help of his class teacher on 20180314, just before he goes […]


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