How to stop lactating naturally?

On 20180123, I asked Dr T (an obstetrician/gynecologist) how to stop the production of mother’s milk naturally, without medication. It was my first (and perhaps last) consultation with her and she sounded unhappy that I was still producing mother’s milk for her thinking that I breastfed, but when I later explained that I pumped, she seemed to be more relaxed.

Dr T’s suggestions include:

  1. drink less liquid (water, soup, milk, etc). This is the opposite action for increasing mother’s milk supply. If I need to increase mother’s milk supply, I need to consume more liquid.
  2. wear tighter bra.
  3. do not do sudden weaning as it will lead to mastitis, but use 1-2 weeks of duration to slowly decrease breast milk supply until none.
  4. increase the period between pumping. If one pumps every 6 hours, then try pumping every 8 hours, then 12 hours, and so on.
  5. decrease the amount of pumping. For example, if one produces 80 ml/pumping, try to stop pumping early before the pumped out amount reaches 80 ml, but stop at 60 ml.


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