What can we learn from the movie Reset?

Fatal Countdown: Reset (逆时营救) was the last movie that I watched in 2017, at high altitude as watching movies has become a luxurious past time these days with increasing commitments and responsibilities.

The story, set in 2025, is about Xia Tian, a determined single mother and a talented, high-flying scientist engaged in top-secret research, on the verge of a major discovery and a technological breakthrough, who time traveled via a time-transcending teleporter, albeit emerging as a deranged/aggressive mutant, to rescue her kidnapped son Dou Dou.

Knowledge is power.

Like a sword, knowledge can be used to do good or evil, depending on the users.

Living a happy, simple life with our children is a blessing.

Thank you to Xia Tian for reminding us that our children is more important than career.

Nevertheless, we still need money to care for our children. How to have $ if we have neither inheritance nor job?

Anticipate to stay safe.

Don’t let the babysitter leave your child alone.


Be careful of your jealous boss.

Out of anger from being fired and the project handed over to Xia Tian, her soon-to-retire mentor and boss, the Director suggested kidnapping Dou Dou to punish Xia Tian and force her to prove that the technology to allow people to travel to parallel universes, indeed worked.

A part of the physical appearance of the Director reminded me on JediZ2015.


Be resourceful amid overwhelming stress.

Xia Tian repeatedly attempted to rescue her son in spite of multiple challanges.

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