How to focus on flowers instead of flaws?

Many things are not perfect, we live in environments with flaws, but there are also flowers. It’s what we focus on that matter!

In the evening of 20171205, I brought Little Prince to attend his first Christmas Tree Lighting Event at Beach Rotana. It was an unplanned visit which I decided upon learning that I had to visit a bank branch to get my newly replaced debit card, yet I learned later that no all bank branches have such a service!

It was a fun one as we had some free snacks (bite-sized baked eggs, sausages). Little Prince also had his first little sips of eggnog (he remakred that it tasted like a marker) and mulled wine (he did not like it). I am thankful that he was very lucky to experience many things in life; the first time I had mulled wine was in the first year of my graduate study in UK.

Few seconds before the Christmas tree lighting, we succeeded to reach the upper floor to have a bird view of the event unfolding. Wow! While I did not have a chance to take any video, I succeeded in getting an unblocked, relatively safe (from bigger people) space for him to experience such a magical event.

We also visited a gingerbread house. I am proud that he was brave to ask for a photograph with two beautiful Santarina (in constrast to bulky Santa). One of the attractive Santarina is from Kiev, Ukraine.

He also asked a loud mother if he could have a photograph with her two beautiful Lebanese daughters (the eldest one was around Little Prince’s age) and an adult-sized wooden solder. He had to ask more than once, as it was noisy and grown-ups often ignored little ones; but Little Prince is a determined boy.

However, later at the bank branch, Little Prince learned from another older girl that there was a Santa giving away a goodie bag containing some coloring materials and a transparent plastic of nicely designed biscuits (or a gingerbread?). He was disappointed till the point that he almost cried. Little Prince: “Mommy, I wanted a present too.” I tried to console him other things that he enjoyed, some of which not experienced by other children, sorry!

This story also reminded us that many things in life are relative. If nobody has any present, nobody will be disappointed too. It also reminded me on the essay on how the have-nots can be inspired from the haves, published in the New York Times.


On 20171226, I brought Little Prince and Little Princess for vaccinations. There, I learned that Little Prince’s height is 3 percentile, weight is 10 percentile; whereas Little Princess’ height is 25 percentile. The irony was that, on 20171227, Honey Panda for the sake of his convenience, refused to allow Little Prince to sleep more and have bird nests; he cited a news about a girl who ate bird nests daily and reached puberty too soon, but his son is very underweight!

I also learned that the bank where Little Prince’s Godmother works and I saved my hard earned USD has implemented a new charge for withdrawing cash, hence my savings dwindle by 1.5%! All the sacrifices of working hard made me reflect if I wanted to continue this tough life of a mother working to raise her family, it’s a rat race! At least, I still have money to shop for health supplements for papa on 20171227.

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