How to find time for what matters most?

On 201711128, I felt very tired and had my rare late afternoon nap. I felt refreshed after that and managed to simultaneously watch a TED talk on time management and eat my dinner, as Little Prince was still sleeping.

Each of us has 168 hours/week.
If we work 40 hours/week, sleep 8 hours/night, we will have 72 hours for other things.
If we work 50 hours/week, sleep 8 hours/night, we will have 62 hours for other things.

To find time for what matters most:

  1. Remember that no amount of $ can buy back the lost hours.
  2. Rather than say to ourselves, “I don’t have time to do x, y or z,” we say, “I don’t do x, y or z because it’s not a priority.”
  3. Write next year’s performance review now, set 3 goals for different categories (family, health, career), break the goals into doable steps.
  4. Use our bits of time for bits of joy.
    1. “Maybe it’s choosing to read something wonderful on the bus on the way to work. I know when I had a job that required two bus rides and a subway ride every morning, I used to go to the library on weekends to get stuff to read. It made the whole experience almost, almost, enjoyable. Breaks at work can be used for meditating or praying. If family dinner is out because of your crazy work schedule, maybe family breakfast could be a good substitute.” Laura Vanderkam, the author of I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time.




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