What are our plans for 2018?

One of the world’s longest living human planned a year in advance. This is a good habit that we can learn from as the act of planning itself will shape our daily choices and decisions.

For all seasons:

  1. [daily] pray + sleep + eat + smile + exercise + learn + create/do
  2. [daily] brush the teeth of Little Prince + Little Princess
  3. [weekly] back-up essential folders in my laptop: ref2018, Asia2018, etc.

For Spring 2018:

  1. Little Prince to start learning music as inspired by a talented lady/paediatrician married to a Harvard- and Ritsumeikan-educated gentleman. I really enjoyed listening to her soundcloud in the early hours of 20171111, thanks to her early immersion in music since the age of 4!
    1. While I am not like other tiger mothers (虎妈) who insist that their children learn playing musical instruments from the early age, Little Prince himself has been drawn to beautiful pieces of music and excited to perform (anything from storytelling to singing) on stages.
    2. Since we are pretty nomad, what is the simplest instrument to start with? Should we start with a recorder or a melodica/pianica?
      1. Pro of recorder: lighter, cheaper
      2. Pro of pianica: easier to press & transition to piano?
    3. Thank you also to a colleague who started learning piano at age 7 as required by her father, for the suggestion to enroll him in music classes.
  2. Little Prince to start learning the subject that I am teaching, he will be my student/protégé to practice patience and creativity to simplify complex ideas for knowledge transfer to others. (Plan since 20171111)
    1. I will give him a weekly lecture, digitize my voices so that I could learn from the audio and deliver better to my official students.
    2. He has to verbally answer to exam questions.

For Summer 2018:

For Autumn 2018:



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